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RFC 4271 BGP OPEN message.

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def pcs.packets.bgp.open.__init__ (   self,
  layout = None,
  bytes = None,
initialize a Packet object

layout - the layout of the packet, a list of Field objects
bytes - if the packet is being set up now the bytes to set in it
kv - if the packet is being set up now, the initial values of
     each named field, specified as keyword arguments. These
     are always passed as a dict from classes which inherit
     from Packet.

Reimplemented from pcs.Packet.

References pcs.Packet.__init__(), pcs.packets.arp.arp.data, pcs.packets.bgp.notification.data, pcs.packets.bgp.update.data, pcs.packets.bgp.open.data, pcs.packets.arp.arp.description, pcs.packets.bgp.notification.description, pcs.packets.bgp.update.description, pcs.packets.bgp.open.description, pcs.Packet.sizeof(), pcs.packets.arp.arp.timestamp, pcs.packets.bgp.notification.timestamp, pcs.packets.bgp.update.timestamp, and pcs.packets.bgp.open.timestamp.

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