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pcs.UmlMcast4Connector Class Reference
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pcs.UDP4Connector pcs.IP4Connector pcs.Connector

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Public Member Functions

def __init__
def read_packet
def readpkt
def poll_read
def blocking_read
def write

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Detailed Description

A connector for hooking up to a User Mode Linux virtual LAN,
   implemented by Ethernet frames over UDP sockets in a multicast group.
   Typically used for interworking with QEMU. See:

   No additional encapsulation of the frames is performed, nor is
   any filtering performed.
   Be aware that this encapsulation may fragment traffic if sent
   across a real LAN. The multicast API is being somewhat abused here
   to send and receive the session on the same socket; generally apps
   shouldn't bind to group addresses, and it's not guaranteed to work
   with all host IP stacks.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def pcs.UmlMcast4Connector.__init__ (   self,
  ifaddr = None 
initialize a UML Mcast v4 connector
group - the multicast group to join
port - the UDP source/destination port for the session
ifaddr - optionally, the interface upon which to join the group.

References pcs.PcapConnector.file, pcs.PcapDumpConnector.file, pcs.IP4Connector.file, pcs.UmlMcast4Connector.group, and pcs.UmlMcast4Connector.port.

Member Function Documentation

def pcs.UmlMcast4Connector.poll_read (   self,
  timeout = None 
Poll the underlying I/O layer for a read.
   Return TIMEOUT if the timeout was reached.

Reimplemented from pcs.Connector.

Read a packet from the underlying I/O layer, and return
   an instance of a class derived from pcs.Packet appropriate
   to the data-link or transport layer in use.
   If the Connector has multiple data-link layer support, then
   the type returned by this method may vary.
   If the underlying packet parsers throw an exception, it
   will propagate here. 

Reimplemented from pcs.IP4Connector.

References pcs.TapConnector.blocking_read(), pcs.UmlMcast4Connector.blocking_read(), and pcs.Connector.read_packet().

def pcs.UmlMcast4Connector.write (   self,
  flags = 0 
write data to an IPv4 socket

Reimplemented from pcs.IP4Connector.

References pcs.UmlMcast4Connector.group, and pcs.UmlMcast4Connector.port.

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