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pcs.IP4Connector Class Reference
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pcs.Connector pcs.SCTP4Connector pcs.TCP4Connector pcs.UDP4Connector pcs.UmlMcast4Connector

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Public Member Functions

def __init__
def connect
def read
def read_packet
def recv
def recvfrom
def write
def send
def sendto
def close

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Detailed Description

Base class for all IPv4 connectors.

This class implements all the necessary functions for a plain IPv4
based connector.  In particular the data access methods, such as
read, write, etc. likely do not need to be overridden by the sub classes.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def pcs.IP4Connector.__init__ (   self,
  name = None 
initialize an IP4Connector

References pcs.PcapConnector.file, pcs.PcapDumpConnector.file, and pcs.IP4Connector.file.

Member Function Documentation

def pcs.IP4Connector.close (   self)
close an IPv4 Connector

Reimplemented from pcs.Connector.

def pcs.IP4Connector.connect (   self,
connect to a foreign IPv4 address
def pcs.IP4Connector.read (   self,
read data from an IPv4 socket
Read a packet from the underlying I/O layer, and return
   an instance of a class derived from pcs.Packet appropriate
   to the data-link or transport layer in use.
   If the Connector has multiple data-link layer support, then
   the type returned by this method may vary.
   If the underlying packet parsers throw an exception, it
   will propagate here. 

Reimplemented from pcs.Connector.

Reimplemented in pcs.UmlMcast4Connector.

def pcs.IP4Connector.recv (   self,
  flags = 0 
recv data from an IPv4 socket
def pcs.IP4Connector.recvfrom (   self,
  flags = 0 
recvfrom data from an IPv4 socket
def pcs.IP4Connector.send (   self,
  flags = 0 
send data to an IPv4 socket
def pcs.IP4Connector.sendto (   self,
  flags = 0 
sendto data to an IPv4 socket
def pcs.IP4Connector.write (   self,
  flags = 0 
write data to an IPv4 socket

Reimplemented in pcs.UmlMcast4Connector.

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