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pcs.Field Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def __init__
def __repr__
def decode
def encode
def set_value
def get_value
def reset
def bounds
def __copy__
def __deepcopy__
def default_compare

Public Attributes

 the name of the Field
 the width, in bites, of the field's data
 the default value of the field, must fit into bits
 Is this field used to demultiplex higher layer packets?
 the comparison function for this field
 Fields store the values.

Static Public Attributes

tuple default_compare = staticmethod(default_compare)

Detailed Description

A field is a name, a type, a width in bits, possibly a default
value and can be marked as a dicriminator for higher level packet
demultiplexing .  These classes are used by the packet to define the
layout of the data and how it is addressed.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def pcs.Field.__init__ (   self,
  name = "",
  width = 1,
  default = None,
  discriminator = False,
  compare = None 
initialize a field

name - a string name
width - a width in bits
default - a default value
discriminator - is this field used to demultiplex packets
match - a match function used to compare this field with another.

References pcs.Field.packet.

Member Function Documentation

def pcs.Field.__copy__ (   self)
Return a shallow copy of a Field; used by copy module.
   Fields may be copied, they are not immutable.

References pcs.Field.__deepcopy__().

def pcs.Field.__deepcopy__ (   self,
  memo = {} 
Return a deep copy of a Field; used by copy module.
   Fields may be copied, they are not immutable; however they
   always contain integer types which *are* immutable.

References pcs.Field.compare, pcs.Field.default, pcs.Field.discriminator, pcs.Field.name, pcs.Field.value, and pcs.Field.width.

Referenced by pcs.Field.__copy__(), pcs.Packet.__copy__(), and pcs.Chain.__copy__().

def pcs.Field.__repr__ (   self)
return an appropriate representation for the Field object

Reimplemented in pcs.StringField.

References pcs.Field.default, pcs.Field.discriminator, pcs.Field.name, and pcs.Field.width.

Referenced by pcs.Packet.println().

def pcs.Field.bounds (   self,
Check the bounds of this field.

Reimplemented in pcs.StringField.

References pcs.Field.width.

def pcs.Field.decode (   self,
Decode a field and return the value and the updated current
pointer into the bytes array

bytes - the byte array for the packet
curr - the current byte position in the bytes array
byteBR - the number of Bits Remaining in the current byte

Reimplemented in pcs.StringField.

References pcs.Field.value, and pcs.Field.width.

Referenced by pcs.Packet.__init__().

def pcs.Field.default_compare (   lp,
Default comparison method.

   lp - packet on left hand side of comparison
   lf - field in lp being compared
   rp - packet on right hand side of comparison
   rf - field in rp being compared

   This function is installed in Field.compare on assignment.
   It is declared static to allow folk to override it with lambda
   functions. The packets are passed so that back-references
   to other fields in the packet are possible during the match.
def pcs.Field.encode (   self,
encode the a field into the bytes necessary to transmit it
as part of a packet

bytearray - the array of bytes that will be returned
value - the value to encode
byte - the byte we are encoding, we can encode partial bytes
byteBR - the bits remaining in the current byte being encoded.

Reimplemented in pcs.StringField.

References pcs.Field.width.

Referenced by pcs.Chain.__init__(), pcs.Chain.append(), pcs.Chain.fixup(), pcs.Packet.getbytes(), and pcs.Chain.insert_after().

def pcs.Field.reset (   self)
Return a resonable value to use in resetting a field of this type.

Reimplemented in pcs.StringField.

def pcs.Field.set_value (   self,
Set the value of a field.

References pcs.Field.value.

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